Family Raised Bernedoodles & Moyen Goldendoodles


Welcome to Duke City Doodles™!

Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, we are not a mill or a farm, but rather a family that has fallen in love with the Doodle breed and wants to share it with you! A family-raised puppy guarantees the best start possible, and ensures a better and more even temperament that is well-acclimated to people and other dogs. We offer an industry leading 3-year Health Warranty and 100% Money Back Guarantee. 

Our greatest joy is to help you find the perfect puppy to welcome into your family. If you aren't local, we are happy to deliver your puppy to you in the surrounding area. 

Welcome to Duke City Doodles™ where the healthiest and happiest puppies have been lovingly family-raised. 


A Duke City Doodle™ is the best dog you could ever hope for because they come from the best parents we could have ever hoped for. (We’re not biased at all!) A Duke City Doodle is a family-raised Goldendoodle or Bernedoodle that is sure to have the sweetest temperament, and intelligence that will surprise you! One of the many remarkable factors of the Doodle is their low to non-shedding coat. But it doesn't stop there...


Are You Looking for a Non-Shedding Doodle?

If this is you, we recommend one of our F1b Doodles. A F1b is a first generation Doodle bred back to a Poodle. Because it will have 25% more Poodle traits than a F1 Doodle, it is more likely to be non-shedding. This generation will make an excellent choice for those who suffer with allergies.  


Are You Looking for a Medium-Size Doodle?

If this is you, you’ll want to wait to see the remarkable results of Sandy's upcoming litters. Her offspring will bring together the best traits of the Doodle. Her litters will be medium-size (moyen) Doodles and should all be red, just like her! 

Besides their great size, I also love how the medium-size Doodle never seems to lose it's puppy face.


The Duke City™ Difference

Because of our careful parent selection, we have eliminated the risk of passing on the most common genetic disorders associated with these breeds and we offer an industry-leading 3-year Health Guarantee. 

In addition to great genes, our parents were chosen based on their excellent therapy-dog quality temperaments, and ease of trainability. We are confident that our puppies will be friendly and eager to please!